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Experience live streaming and on-demand workout classes from the top fitness studios, concepts, and elite trainers from around the world anytime, anywhere on NEOU. Reinvent your fitness routine with classes ranging from bootcamp, high intensity interval training (HIIT), boxing, yoga, dance, mobility, stretching and more.

Choose from a wide variety of group classes, instructional trainer videos, and express workouts to meet your needs on any given day.
Stay connected with trainers and your fitness community. Stay motivated with real-time shout-outs to members tuned in all around the world. Stay on track to reach your fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle.
Work out at home or on the go. NEOU adds new classes daily and has something for everyone. Browse classes from your favorite trainers and concepts, or filter by:

Class Length - 5-minute to 60-minute workouts available
Equipment Used - From dumbbells, to pilates rings, to no equipment at all!
Class Type - Mobility, Stretching, Strength, Core, HIIT, Yoga and more!
Class Difficulty - Classes for beginners or experts. You will find a class that suits your fitness level and goals.

Here are a few of the instructors and fitness concepts we are proud to feature:

Dance to great music
Vixen Workout - Dance fitness format that uses commercial choreography with killer music

BollyX - Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from South Asia

Boxing with lots of cardio
E3 with Elena Moffa - Blend of boxing, strength, and conditioning as well as total body HIIT
STRIKE with Niki Farahani - High-intensity boxing workout charged by a good beat

Stretching and Mobility:
BASE with Blake Shutterly - A gymnastics inspired strength and flexibility class focused on basic shapes and principles

HIIT / Bootcamp:
PUSH with Joseph D. - Swag out with this fun and dynamic mix of cardio kickboxing, plyometrics, and dynamic strength training

SHRED with Dani Irwin - A strength-based workout with a heavy focus on form and education.

B.A.M! with Jared P. Smith - Building Athletic Movement - A combination of calisthenics, core work, movement specific progressions, and mobility.

Training C.A.M.P. with Curtis Williams - A high-intensity cardio and strength-training class based on the principles and techniques used to improve the performance of athletes.

Aoki Bootcamp with Steve Aoki - Work out with one of the biggest DJ’s on the planet to the beat of custom playlists.

GO with Christi Marraccini - A new spin on high intensity training - focusing on strength, cardio and core.

IN TIME with Mathew Forzaglia - HIIT focus on fatburn, building lean muscle and making you sweat.

Yoga for beginners or experts
The Journey with Ceasar F. Barajas - The Journey is about traveling a better connection between physical, mental and spiritual health.

Jai Sugrim Method - Tools from yoga, meditation, and strength training are used in this multi-disciplinary approach for personal development.

MOVE with Britney Byfield - Dynamic yoga flow and bodyweight conditioning.

Align & Flow with Kendra Thomas - Challenge your physical limits, develop knowledge of your body and breath in poses, and most importantly laugh and let go.

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