Beauty Camera - Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor

Beauty Camera with Amazing Live Filter,Photo Editor & Beautiful Selfie Camera 💯
4.3 / 5

  • 1.5.6
  • Android 4.3+
  • Everyone
  • 5,000,000+

Beauty Camera is a free app provided for Android users.With its versatile features, you can use it to shoot perfect selfies, edit photos with stickers, filters, makeup, and so many other adjustment functions.
Creating interesting and beautiful photos has never been this easy. This Beauty Camera will show you the truth.

Start to use the following amazing functions to build your beauty:

Provide a filter shop for you to create a certain effect you want. Hundreds of thousands of filters are available for free. Themes of streamer, streetscape, wedding, scenery, movies and so on are good choices to use in your photos.
Retouch, smooth, whiten, adjust skin tone, eye size, and chin. Just with this beauty camera, you can make a natural and flawless face, allowing you to show off your beauty on social media without harsh effects.
Numerous stickers are available in the sticker shop. Different styles of stickers let you edit the ever-changing photos. Editing photos has become more and more interesting since then. Importantly, they are free to download.

❤ Add your text on the photo, choose the font color and size and styles
❤ Crop your photos into a certain size of 1:1, 2:3, 3:4, 9:16 and rotate the direction of the photos
❤ Graffiti on the photos with different colors and styles to cover something that you don’t want to display
❤ Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, shadow, highlights, tone
❤ In order to cover somewhere in your photo or not want to show too clearly, you can blur the photo
❤ Use aperture to adjust the sharpness of the background
❤ Use HDR to display more details of the image
❤ Improve the sharpness of your photos
❤ Use the vignetting feature to highlight the subject of the image

Easy to use and helpful to edit. This is how Beauty Camera is. Take a photo with its built-in camera, and start to photoshop, you will be a master of creating the sharpest and charming selfie.